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At Boston Common Coach , safety is more than just a buzzword. It is a mandate and a way of operating whereby all aspects of our business are focused on safety first.


Vehicle Maintenance

Boston Common Coach has a comprehensive preventative maintenance program that focuses deeply on inspecting and maintaining equipment proactively rather than reactively. As a preventive measure, our entire fleet of vehicles is subjected to monthly inspections. Identifying potential defects in advance means a safe, reliable experience for customers.


Driver Training

Boston Common Coach operators are career drivers who are passionate about their jobs. All Operators take part in a detailed driver training and certification program that extends beyond the initial hire. The Boston Common Coach process is much like the airline industry where training and education is continuous to foster a team that is truly focused on safety


Risk Management

Insurance loss run history for Boston Common Coach is far below the national industry average. These results are reflected by cost savings in reduced insurance premiums and DOT profiles that quantify the Safe Operating principles of our business.

What makes Boston Common Coach safe
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